Quantifying pain
to lead the
path to wellness

Quantifying pain
to lead the
path to wellness

The Remarkable Journey of Miso: How PainTrace Provided Hope for a Staffordshire Cross

“If we had not had the PainTrace to confirm that there was sensory nerve activity in the hind limbs, we very likely would not have Miso with us today.” – Dr. Christina Rock In the world of veterinary medicine, breakthroughs continue to emerge that change the lives of our beloved animal companions. Miso, an eight…

Assessing Pain in Pets

Assessing pain in pets is challenging. Animals cannot communicate their discomfort and sometimes, they even want to hide their pain from us. This has led to an increased concern for accurate pain assessment. Recently, there has been a push to develop new tools to help veterinarians reduce the subjectivity in evaluating pain in animals. A…

Dental Month

What is subgingival hair?    Um, You’ve got a little something in your teeth…  Have you ever heard of hairy teeth? Actually, the medical term for this gross but satisfying-to-treat condition in dogs is called subgingival hair. Yep, some dogs suffer from impacted hair in the gingival sulcus, or the space between the tooth and gums.…

Now Pain Has a Voice

PainTrace Handheld Innovation by BioTraceIT

Real-time pain monitoring in the palm of your hand.

PainTrace® is a wearable monitor that quantifies both acute and chronic pain. Real-time pain levels are acquired using skin-mounted sensors that process a direct pain biosignal generated by the nervous system.

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PainTrace® is an innovative tool for measuring direct pain biosignals, establishing baseline pain levels and is also useful in monitoring pain levels in response to treatment. PainTrace® is especially effective at separating chronic pain from acute and subacute pain.






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