Fear Free 2021

Fear Free, Gratitude, and Pain is the combined subject of this post, which seems rather fitting as we move into the New Year and say goodbye to 2020 which for some was filled with fear and anxiety.

As we move into 2021 BioTraceIT as a company will continue to take action guided by our core values:

  • Live fear free and embrace joy
  • Take actions that benefit others
  • Work hard. Play hard.

Our goal is to highlight the exceptional work that others are doing; the knowledge they share; and our gratitude for their work to improve well-being which can have a positive impact on pain or diminish the experience of pain.

The point of our message is to encourage joyful and passionate endeavors in 2021.  This quote from Dr. Sean Mackey of Stanford University aligns with our message:

“The pain that you have fundamentally alters your brain structure,” Mackey said. But there are ways to improve your experience of pain, he said, adding that fear of pain increases one’s susceptibility to pain, while experiencing love builds resilience to pain. “As a physician, I can’t write you a prescription for a passionate love affair every year. That won’t fly, not even in Vegas. But I can tell you to go do something rewarding. Go do something fun.”

We realize that we are pushing you away from our page with each link that we share and that is the point… to highlight others and the wonderful knowledge they provide.  Please read and click through to learn and return to click another link to learn more.

Thank you to Sheryl Chan.  Sheryl’s writing on the connection between fear and pain is an insight to why we are saying goodbye to fear in 2021.  In her Pathways article Sheryl explains the fear-pain connection in brief.  Her site A Chronic Voice prompts us to “Set Fear Alight” in 2021.

Thank you to Dr. Marty Becker for founding Fear Free and through your generous support founding CSAW (Center for the Study of Animal Wellbeing).  Fear Free is focused on best practices and certification for veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners providing the knowledge and tools to look after both a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing.  During a recent interview on CSAW Dr. Becker stated their goal is to,

“do well by doing good”  “celebrate and protect the human and animal bond”  and “ensure all animals live happy, healthy, full lives”.

Thank you to Virgin Pulse for this article which focuses on taking care of ourselves and brings awareness to fear and anxiety sharing that 53% of adults in the United States reported worsening mental health in 2020 according to Kaiser Family Foundation.  We need to support each other.

No link for this one… and yes we know that SNOPES attributes this story as LEGEND.  The following in our humble opinion is a wonderful analogy to life and the pursuit of happiness.  The story goes like this:

A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway.

The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon.

Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

At that point the professor told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes everyone had their own balloon.

The professor said to the students:

“These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people’s happiness… we’ll find ours too.”


Why does all this matter and how does it relate to PainTrace®?

BioTraceIT is more than a group of people doing our jobs.  We are PainTrace® and we are quantifying pain to lead the path to wellness.


Happy New Year!

thank you if you have read these ramblings… and gained a bit of happiness and positive distraction.