Boca Vet Uses PainTrace

“We see many pet parents in our practice that live in a “yellow light” zone. This means they are not immediately saying no (red light) when it comes to diagnostics and treatment but they are also not easily saying yes (green light) either. PainTrace is an amazing “bridge” to providing the best care for pets when it comes to any condition that can be associated with pain. I find that when I offer PainTrace and perform this test with pet parents in the room, the compliance rate becomes much higher when together we can visualize the pain spikes. I am a firm believer that seeing is believing for so many things in life, and PainTrace is another testament to this. There is no question that having this technology has helped us demonstrate the value of what we do as a team and helps pets get the diagnostics and treatment that they deserve.” – Dr. Boaz Man

For many, our furry friends are like our family, and this means we are constantly looking for ways to ensure our pets are comfortable, healthy, and happy. That’s why it is important that we, as pet owners, have veterinarians who constantly strive to improve their practices with the latest and greatest technologies. PainTrace® Monitoring System is an up-and-coming technology that measures and quantifies pain biosignals directly from the skin and wirelessly transmits this signal via Bluetooth to an iPad, where you can then watch the data collect in real-time. In other words, PainTrace allows us to objectively visualize the pain our animals are in as soon as they are feeling it, where previously have relied solely on a veterinarian’s trained observations or ourselves as pet owners to identify the subtle changes in behaviour that are linked to pain. A great deal of respect is due to the keen observations required by veterinarians to identify and, even more difficult, localize pain. The identification of pain in our beloved animals can be made even more difficult by the fact that they tend to hide their pain from us as an evolutionary trait intended to protect themselves from predators. This makes it incredibly difficult for us to see not just how painful they are, but if they are painful at all. This is why veterinarians like Dr. Boaz Man are choosing to use innovative technologies like PainTrace, to fulfill a mission of “fear free and pain free” environments in their clinics.

The following news segment, courtesy of CBS, shows how Dr. Boaz Man has used PainTrace to diagnose a cervical condition in a cat who was particularly stoic and hiding his pain quite well. The PainTrace showed not only that this stoic cat was in pain but also quantified and visualized the cervical spine pain. PainTrace enabled Dr. Man to pinpoint the location of the pain, and subsequent directed radiographs diagnosed narrowing in the cervical spine at multiple locations including C2 and C3, as well as C6 and C7.

Together, PainTrace® and Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital, are providing focused individual care that directs use of radiographs, ultrasound, and MRI to efficiently detect pain and determine etiology to support targeted treatments. The future is bright for our non-verbal patients thanks to veterinarian’s that value a fear free and pain free veterinary practice. It takes veterinary leaders and forward thinkers to truly impact care. Giving a nod to Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital, IVAPM, Fear Free, and PainTrace for their contributions to pain free and fear free patients.

Watch CBS 12 on Boca Vet uses new technology to quantify pain in pets to learn more about Dr. Boaz Man, and his vision for his clinic using the PainTrace Device.