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The Innovation

A wearable monitor that quantifies both acute and chronic pain.

Real-time pain levels are acquired using skin-mounted sensors that process a direct pain biosignal generated by the nervous system. Research in canine, equine, bovine and human patients has proven the ability of PainTrace® to quantify pain. Prep to PainTrace in 5 minutes.



PainTrace offers qualitative and quantitative monitoring of acute and chronic pain in multiple species including canine, feline, equine, livestock, and humans.



PainTrace differentiates acute and chronic pain measuring both magnitude and duration. Understanding the individual experience of pain supports targeted treatment leading the path to wellness.




Speech recognition timestamp annotates your examination, charting location and degree of pain. Overlay pre and post treatment PainTraces. Custom software allows for client visualization of pain.

The PainTrace® Pain Scale


pinch-zoomPainTrace-Pain Scale Explainer Chart

PainTrace highly correlates pain biosignals with those reported verbally by human subjects using the traditional 1–10 Numerical Rating Scale


PainTrace Clinical Examples

CanineAcute Pain: Nail Clipping


Pain during Dental Cleaning and Nail Clipping, to Quick, under Anesthesia


Dog was placed under anesthesia for dental cleaning and removal of growth on the lower eyelid. During anesthesia an aggressive nail clipping was also undertaken due to the dog’s resistance to nail clipping while awake. The following describes the PainTrace® data below and the associated procedure under anesthesia:

  • Nail clipping on all four paws; pain experienced based on negative deflection (zoom-view of all four paws in second data set to the left)
  • Dental cleaning; pain experienced based on negative deflection – Dental pain rivals intense neuralgia due to high density of nerves
  • Removal of growth from lower lid from incision to sutured closure; no pain detected; using local anesthetic
  • Veterinary checked dental probing gums, scalpel irritation at end of check detected

CaninePre- and Post-Op Pain Assessment

Initial Examination

Chart Pre-Op

5 Day Post Op Examination

Chart Post-Op

Left Forelimb Pain During Veterinary Examination of 5th Digit Non-union


A 6 y.o., 33 kg, greyhound presented with inflamed digit of left forelimb. Dog was found to be non-responsive to the veterinary exam, and appeared to be masking pain. PainTrace® was utilized and it became evident pain was experienced upon weight bearing on the affected left foot. Subsequent radiographs confirmed fracture non-union.

The dog returned for a follow-up visit five (5) days post-op amputation 5th digit with fracture non-union in affected left forelimb. Pain was managed with 300 mg Gabapentin (~10 mg/kg) TID, 30 mg codeine (~1 mg/kg) q4h, and meloxicam (~0.1 mg/kg). From the PainTrace® signal, the post-op follow-up appears to represent managed acute pain based on the absence of any significant negative PainTrace® signal deflections. The overall PainTrace® baseline is more negative potentially denoting an increased overall, or chronic, mild pain level. Veterinary exam also confirmed the absence of acute pain.

CaninePre-Op & Post-Op Pain Measurements


Post-surgical Pain Monitoring over Months


The following data represents a 15 year old horse with laminitis. To alleviate pain the nerves were resected to the affected limb. Pre-surgical pain was measured and the pain levels were monitored post-surgically for six months.

  • You can see pre-op pain levels were –22
  • 2 days post-op a –45 pain level reflects more pain potentially from the chronic pain plus surgical pain
  • 10 days post-op the horse is recovering at a –5 reflecting less pain than pre-operative pain levels
  • 18 days post-op no pain at +9. Any positive number reflects the absence of pain. The more positive the number the greater the level of “wellness”
  • 25 days post-op +4 at the end of the first day out of the stall; some fatigue is registered
  • 6 months post-op +9. A PainTrace® reading of +9 was the average reading for this horse post-surgically
Yellow Quotes

In 39 years of training thoroughbreds this is the only thing I have seen that can accurately detect both pain and pain relief in a horse. I do not like to race any horse in pain and it is often hard to tell with minor injuries. BioTraceIT™’s device removes the guesswork and even lets you follow the animal’s recovery with a simple, inexpensive procedure that anyone can administer in a few minutes.


Don Combs
Kentucky Derby-winning trainer

Software Features

  • Online-Offline@3x

    Online/Offline Full Data Sync

    • Seamless work in non-Wi-Fi areas including operating rooms and barns
    • Automatic data upload upon Wi-Fi connection

  • Encryption@3x

    256-bit AES Data Encryption

  • Bluetooth@3x

    Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

    • Up to 5 device integration per iPad
    • “Roving iPad” feature and extended range 500’ indoor and 0.5 mile/0.8 km outdoor connectivity
    • Take iPad from room to room to “scroll and connect” with patients in surgical recovery or barn/stable setting
    • “Check-in” on nearby animals in the pen in barn/stable setting

  • UI Analytics@3x

    UI and Analytics

    • Graph and track mild, moderate and severe pain
    • Visualize pain by anatomy and track pain over time to evaluate treatment effectiveness
    • Show patients and pet owners

  • Speech Text@3x

    Speech to Text Notes

    • Capture anatomy, tests, and diagnoses — all time-stamped on the PainTrace®

  • Telemedicine@3x

    Telemedicine Compatible

    • Cloud-based, remote data access, analytics backbone

Hardware Features

  • Battery@3x

    Battery Performance

    • 5 days of continuous pain monitoring
    • Fully charged in 3 hours

  • Water Reistant@3x

    Water Resistant

    • Performs in wet environments like a shower, not swimming

  • Offline@3x

    Offline Data Access

    • 10 months of SD data storage
    • Industrial grade SD card for increased durability for large animals

  • Biosignal@3x

    Multiple Biosignal Monitor

    • Monitor pain and activity

  • Wake Up@3x

    Wake-up On Motion

    • Activity tracker detects motion and activates PainTrace® data acquisition from sleep mode

  • Smart Button@3x

    Smart Button

    • Controls hardware and data acquisition mode directly from the device without the software

  • Impact Reistant@3x

    Impact Resistant

    • Molded Enclosure protects the device

PainTrace®, in conjunction with veterinary or healthcare diagnosis, aids in the identification and measurement of pain. Ongoing data analysis and optimization will continually improve the understanding of pain.

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